I have been a member with USAA for auto insurance and banking since 2007, actually I think before that as me and my ex husband remembers when he was in the Navy, but referring to my individual account for the story begins its been since 2007. I have always loved you I say my insurance as well as my checking and savings I even had renters insurance and was going to use you for homeowners insurance when I bought my home and can talk to you after moving in 2012. My auto insurance was there with me every step of the way for my bad accident back in October of 2014. They were friendly compassionate and empathetic on top of everything I never had to wait or want for anything it was perfect and made that terrible event a memorable experience with USAA. At the end of August in 2015 I had to close down my checking after having it for 8 years due to fraud. With the fraud event the bank paid the merchant and allowed my account to be overdrawn. They said it was a courtesy as I've been a good member with them for many years they know life happens and didn't want to interrupt a payment due to me not having the funds since they knew I would be getting my deposit shortly and it would cover it. In June of 2015 I deposited $12,000 in check form via mobile deposit in three different deposits over three days due to deposit limits. I had no holds the money was available immediately and it was wonderful as with all the other experience I had with mobile deposits up until then. After switching into the new checking that I had to get because of the fraud my experience with USAA the last for 4.5 months has been terrible. They will return the $20 check when I have over $200 in the bank they will return $150 check when I have $700 in the bank and then they will post these whenever they feel like it for items that they returned for NSF when I had at least 3 times plus the amount in my account. When I called for these reasons I had many representative tell me that they don't know why they returned the checks because I had the funds in my account. I've had managers tell me that they post the fees anywhere from the next day 2-3 business days after the item is returned. I had an item that was to be electronically paid on 1/17 which was a Friday on 1/21 I had an NSF fee for returning the payment on 1/17 due to NSF. There was no NSF I had the funds so I feel they hold the payment or the checks until my account balance drops below and they can charge me a fee and return it or they just will charge me a fee because they want to. I recently came into a hardship and I had to get a loan for one of my bills which was my 4 year olds preschool and daycare tuition. Instead of cashing the check and using cash I wanted to deposit it into my USAA account because I like the account I would prefer to use a debit card or check versus cash. After I deposited the check I was informed it would be held for 5 business days, the executive response agent told me if I would update my USAA app it would tell me before the deposit was completed that there would be a hold and I could decline and not deposit. Due to my phone being broken and waiting on a new one I did not have the most up to date app so I was not given that information. I did deposit a check from my husband's local bank account yesterday after updating my app and it clearly states any hold amount and hold the duration will be revealed at the time deposit is complete, so sounds like the person was not telling me the truth as I would not know what would be held or when it would be released until I agreed to deposit my money. I did try to have the hold released even was going to verify that the funds have cleared the other bank and have them confirm that with USAA. I was told that that's not possible it's systemic and the system places the hold based on your account performance your 10 year things like that I had explained it to the gentleman in the executive response unit that I've been a member for 9 years but this accounts a new 4 months because of fraud I have explained to the gentleman that items have been paid before and allowed me to get overdrawn and now they're returning everything for no reason he put me on hold after getting every private intimate detail of my life as to why I needed to get that check put me on hold for a few minutes said he was going to try and see if he can take the hold off he came back saying sorry the system said no there's nothing we can do and then proceeded to tell me how I can manage my account better what other options I have as far as overdraft protection and basically he was cold had to empathy. He did not make me feel valued at all let alone for someone who has given you all of my banking and auto insurance renters insurance and in most homeowners insurance for the last 9 years. He made me feel like a piece of dirt and made me feel like I was a horrible terrible person. I had advised if I don't get the whole released I will have to stay home with my child until February 2nd when I can pay them and could potentially lose my job at that he just said I'm sorry there's nothing I can do. To make matters worse I went through McDonalds tonight to get my daughter a happy meal and I grab myself something to eat as well it was a hectic day, after giving them my debit card I was informed that I still owed $0.43 being completely embarrassed because I did not have any other form of payment as USA is my main way to pay for things i seldom have any cash, i felt terrible and embarrassed beyond belief. I cried on the way home, silently as to not upset my 4yr old, yhank god shes too you yo understand. Thank god for the nice person at McDonalds was able to take off the $0.43 so I was able to feed myself and my child. Now you can overdraft me for hundreds of dollars to pay a bill but you can't / drive me for $0.43 to feed myself and my child, not to mention had you not been holding my money I would have had a problem with the $0.43 completely ridiculous and embarrassing thank goodness for the kind people at McDonalds that know how to treat customers and understand that stuff happens. I have never been more unhappy and disappointed and just disgusted with the way my account is being handled in with a customer service or lack there of for my situation. I will be finding a new bank one that will not hold my money once the check has cleared and will allow me to go $0.43 over my balance in the event that it happens. I understand my hardship is not the bank's problem but I did get a loan to rectify it and was willing ready and able to pay my bills however USAA had something else in mind and could care less about me my business or my situation. I have worked in the financial industry for the last 12 years a majority of it has been for big corporate banks. I know the process how things clear that 5 small things will not get paid so that one big thing can get paid and you will get charged 5 fees for the small things where they should have paid the big item last and you would have got a fee for that one and let the small items clear but it's all about making money at the cost of your clients. I was told that all of this is systemic and there's absolutely nobody that could help me however the gentleman said he had a way to try and I know from working in a bank especially being a supervisor that if there's a way to do it a regular customer service representative may not be able to override if the system says no but a manager especially someone titled executive response does has the power to turn that no into a yes they just have to help the customer and this gentleman felt that I wasn't deserving of help from a bank that I've been loyal to for 9 years and have never asked to have a hold released and maybe that's because I've never had a hold before either way this was a completely horrible traumatic experience for me and I will never forget it. I will never deposit a large sum of money in this account ever again I will definitely never ask USAA for help ever again whether that would be for removal of a fee a home loan an auto loan or a credit card absolutely nothing I will not expand my portfolio with the bank and I will be getting things switched over so I can not deal with this issue again. All I asked for was help and because I didn't have enough money in the bank and they couldn't see I've had my account for 9 years just looked at the four months of the new account I was told no and I believe it that is completely unfair and despicable. Sincerely a very unhappy soon to be X USAA member. Let me make this very clear because I also know how things work as well I never once said to close my account or that I want my account closed I do not give permission or authorization for any of my accounts to be closed. Thank you so much.


Dear member,


I have passed this over to our bank team for review, they will be reviewing and reaching out to you directly. Thank you.