Mobile deposit

Deposit holds...I can understand checks...but money orders shouldn't be put on hold. Regardless of pass NSF problem.
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I'm sorry to hear of the hold on your recent deposit, @Blokster - Please understand that it can take the “behind the scenes” money exchange can take a week or more before the funds are received. Which would also include money orders, as they also require verification, just as checks do. This is simply to protect both you and the Bank from the growing threat of fraud, in the event a deposit (including a money order) is returned unpaid. I will forward your feedback on this to the appropriate team for handling. Be aware, they aren't in the office overnight, and will need time to complete any needed research for resolution. In the meantime, I hope you have a great night, and a wonderful holiday season. - Cathleen

Yes and speaking of mobile deposits - USAA sends us notifications for everything under the sun, but not when our deposit limits are decreased by $75k and there was no real explanation (deposit habits, withdrawal habits have changed does not really cut it when the balance pretty much stays the same - who cares where our money comes from - we are retired now) when I called.   In fact, I cannot even get the deposit aspect of the USAA app to work anymore and I have tried 3 times this week.  And I don't want to spend an excessive amount of time waiting for the tech people.    

So yes I am on my way to our local bank to deposit a check that was intended for USAA.  USAA - you do not operate with brick and mortar so it is imperative that the app works all of the time.  

@NSueZ, That is definitely frustrating when you cannot deposit a check. We would hate to lose you over this so I am getting this on over for a Bank Specialist to review. Thank you ~Tom