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Today I tried to mobile deposit my paycheck as usual, my company does not offer direct deposit. I've had no issue with doing this until today when a message popped up saying $200 will be available immediately and the remainder will be available in 7 days. This is absolutely ridiculous as there are no usaa branches anywhere near me and there are no usaa ATMs within 50 miles of my home. Customer service was no help as I'm sure 9/10 people would agree based on their own experiences. I am not a new customer and I've also never committed fraud so theres no suspicion of fraud here. I have homeowner's insurance and car insurance also with usaa and I'm quickly becoming less satisfied with usaa. I received the little bs letter from the CEO, as I'm sure all customers have, stating that yall are working on improving, and hes full of it! Usaa is not the cheapest, is not the most reliable, and is not customer centered. 7 days for a payroll check to be available is completely unacceptable, I highly doubt yall are willing to pay any overdraft fees I would have during this time as I have bills set to come out of my account. I should've chosen to believe the countless negative reviews of year and went with navy federal!


@Jeremy1987, I understand the frustration when there is a hold. The hold allows us time to confirm the funds from your check were received. When a check is deposited, the funds are collected through the Federal Reserve instead of directly from one bank to the other. Some of the factors that may impact holds are account tenure, account history, and deposit amount versus average balance. In the future, you may make deposits without a hold by direct deposit, cash advances and wire transfers. These methods allow us to confirm the funds are collected instantly. Thank you   ~Tom

As stated previously, direct deposit is not offered by my company. This was not an issue until today, my check last week went in fine as well as the week before that. This check is from the same company as the others ones and today it's a problem but not other weeks. This wouldn't even be an issue if there were any branches or usaa ATMs anywhere near me but usaa only cares about making more and more money! Please do me a favor and dont copy and paste the same reply that's been posted on every other post concerning this issue. You're reply was about as helpful as customer service gets at usaa! All I needed was my paycheck in the bank and instead I just got the run around as usual. Usaa is not what those commercials claim to be.

Understood @Jeremy1987, I am sorry you feel this way. I am forwarding your concerns to a Bank specialist for review.    ~Tom

Just an update, I received 5 NSF charges before I could make it to 1 of 4 ATMs in GA that accept deposits. I was able to get 3 of those reversed but I'm still out 58$ and that's ridiculous. I also received 4 9$ charges from the other end of the transactions, so 36$ to add to that total. Horrible bank and horrible customer service!!!
They did the same thing to me before and then investigated me for fraud because they said the check I deposited from my local bank bounced. I didn’t get so much as a “I’m sorry” from the extremely rude CSR. I even provided a copy of my account to show it had cleared and was still told I was wrong. I get the hold, if it’s something out of the norm, otherwise it’s a huge hassle.

USAA has truly lost what they used to be. In my opinion they’re no longer customer focused.

There are some good alternatives out there if you're willing to spend a little time researching them. I noticed the downward trends starting with lower investment/bank returns (USAA says they're the most competitive in the market--if you really believe that), higher interest rates on auto loans, credit card reliability/security lapses, being treated as an adolescent, etc. The negative experiences shared on this board by my fellow members--and the standard non-responses given by the CSRs (and the SMEs)--finally gave me the motivation I needed to do something about it. Two years ago, I trasfered all my banking/investments to a credit union (have been with 40+yrs) and Vanguard/Schwab.