Why is my mobile deposit limit $0. I'm trying to deposit a $20 refund check and it won't let me. Which is really ridiculous! Why in the world would you put a limit on deposits? I can understand limits on withdrawals, but wouldn't a deposit benefit the bank?


ThomHenrie,  best to either call or send a secure message with that question.


This is the information provided online:


To use USAA Deposit@Home® and Deposit@Mobile®, you must be eligible for USAA auto or property insurance and meet other qualifications based on your account history with USAA Bank. Deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawal.





Please give one of our banking representatives a call at: 1-800-531-8733 in order to discuss your account. Thank you for posting in the community.

A $0 deposit limit means you have been restricted from deposit@home and deposit@mobile due to account history. More often than not it comes from returned deposits.


If your account is new, USAA was probably unable to collect on your initial deposit.


If you have had the account for a while, the restriction is most likely from returned deposits/transfers.


The restriction can also come from fraud activity.


I have a friend who had this same situation (returned initial deposit) and she was told by the bank she would have to have 6 months of perfect account behavior to have the restriction lifted. Luckily she lives right down the road from a UPS store, so it wasn’t a big deal for her to make her deposits.


I would recommend calling in and having the banking department take a closer look for you. Good luck!

No, Mrs. Heinleiner, it does not necessarily mean the reason for restriction is related to account history.


it can also mean that one is a member via one of the many times USAA has allowed non-military related individuals to join.  As previously mentioned, if not eligible for USAA insurance, you are not generally eligible to use mobile deposit services. 

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