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This new mandatory endorsement statement does not fit on the back of my check I’m about to deposit....

"For Mobile Deposit at USAA FSB. Account Number XXXXXXXXX."

Can’t I just say:
"Mobile Deposit USAA FSB Acct # XXXXXXXXX."



@OverWatchG, That will work fine, you can also put For Deposit Only and the account number. Hope this helps!!   ~Tom

You know that the guy is right. The new "mandatory" frank statement for mobile deposit is unrealistic. There is not enough room to sign and add all that junk on the back of a check - unless you write below the "allowed area". I tried it, and then your mobile app would not deposit the check because it said it could read the endorsment! What a bunch of manure - you have any idea how much trouble this is. Hope somebody at USAA can pull their head out of their fanasty world and come up with something more reasonable, or at least possible to comply with ... AND yes, I am annoyed, angry, and frustated over the inconvieance this has caused me ...

We appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us regarding the endorsement for Remote Deposit Capture. We will make sure to forward the feedback and concerns you've shared to the appropriate department for consideration toward future enhancements of this service. Thank you.