Mobile Deposit not working with latest update

When will the mobile deposit be fixed to work with iOS 8.02? It does not work with Version


I also would would like to know!
I'm using 8.0.2 and have problem making deposits
oops... That's no problem

B Springs, 

I just made a mobile deposit this morning myself (I have an iPhone 5 not 6) and I am all updated on my operating system. I didn't have any issues either. But, I did get that feedback (above) and thought maybe it was affecting the deposits as well. 


Easyas123, have you tried deleting and re-installing the app? 






Thank you for your comment/feedback. We recently were given a quick update from the My Budget project team. They told the community managers that because of Apples updates, the My Budget tool will not be available on mobile until Nov. 7 for iPhone and Oct. 28 for android.


Mobile online acquisition will also be impacted.