Mobile Deposit Deposit @ Home Suspended Horrible Customer Service

My mobile deposit was suspended for 6 months because I had two account transfers returned. I found this was due to the wrong account number being uploaded into USAA by mistake. This was a transfer and not a deposit so why are my mobile deposits being suspended. I wouldn't be so upset if there's somewhere remotely close to make my deposits. I have seen SEVERAL complaints about USAA deposit policies. Who would I talk to about having deposit service restored as your customer service is horrible 


Similar story with me. I do a lot of contracting work, and so I have another account with a bank that has branches in my area so I can drop off checks and such (and they have more features for bill pay and such).  I found that they (not USAA) suddenly started putting a hold on my deposited checks, but not every time, so it was something I couldn't plan for.  I'm was in a bad situation, so it wasn't always possible for me to wait and check every morning to see if I could move it over, and so I routinely would deposit a check, then initiate a transfer on USAA side, and most of the time that worked out just fine, but I had a couple of transfers returned.  No big deal, or so I thought, and suddenly I can't make mobile deposits to my USAA account, and EVERYTHING that I deposit has a week long hold on it, even money orders and cashier's checks.  


Personally, I just don't follow that logic at all, how does one affect the other?  Even if I was some kind of evil villain and my superpower was bouncing ACH's between my bank accounts, why shut down all the userful features of an account?  Honeslty, if I could afford the 2 week delay, I'd switch my deposit to another bank and be done, but rent can't be late and neither can child support, so until I have a 3 check month, I'm stuck.   


I've had pretty good dealings with USAA, and their customer service has been excellent. I have a credit card through them, and my auto insurance (and soon, home insurance), but their banking leaves much to be desired.  

Thank you for commenting Whamilton2015.  A banking specialist will be reaching out to you personally to discuss your mobile deposits.



A banking specialist will be in touch with you as well. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.