I texted for my balance yesterday. The balances are correct, but the labels are not correct. Savings amount should be labeled checking and checking should be labeled savings. Please fix this. I am using AT&T for my mobile service.


You can always download the app. There are rarely times when it's not up to date with account balances. I can only recall maybe twice in the last few years when it told me that the amounts were estimates (they happened to be correct but I think ang purchases made at that specific time wouldn't be shown right away).

Hi Ca Lyn,

I am not seeing this issue when I text for my balance. Have you modified the "nicknames" for the accounts? If you continue to have trouble please give our website customer support team a call:

Phone Number: 1-877-632-3002 Phone Menu Tips  for Technical Issues(Opens Pop-up Layer)
Hours of Operation: 6 a.m. to midnight CT, 7 days a week

Thank you!