I have an android phone. The mobile deposit at home used to work great, but it hasn't worked for months. It keeps saying the connection failed. I finally tried it on my husband's iPhone and it works great. Did something change on the Android version?


Not that I know of and it  is working on my husband's Android. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? Or turning the phone off and back on? 

If you still cannot get it to work please call a member services rep to see what they can do to guide you through - 210-531-USAA (8722)or 800-531-USAA. 

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  1. When you speak of "...it keeps saying the connection failed." I first want to think that you are having problems with the local WIFI connection.

    • Android Phones, Android Tablets are notorious for only using the 802.11N / “Wireless N” WIFI protocol in an unregulated 2.4GHz frequency range (band). This unregulated frequency range (band) is susceptible to interference from other sources.

    • iPhones, iPads, however often use the 802.11N / “Wireless N” WIFI protocol operating at the 5GHz frequency range (band) WHICH IS MUCH FASTER! This frequency range (band) is less likely to have interference from other sources.
  2. The difference between the WIFI protocols frequency range (band) used by the Android mobile devices and the iPhone / iPad is why maybe your USAA Mobile App "times out" and your husbands does not.

  3. The above stated, this does not mean that you still might not have a problem.

  4. If you post a "specific issue" or "issues" then you can get some help on the problems you are having.

  5. If the USAA Mobile App is simply not working (as a piece of software) you should first un-install and download / re-install most current version found here.


    You can call the USAA Website Support Team at 1-877-632-3002 and speak to one of USAA's Website Support Team Members whom will be happy to assist you.

    They are open 6 a.m. to midnight CT, 7 days a week.

    Phone Menu Tip: At the main menu say: "Technical Support", or the name of the specific feature, such as "Mobile App" or "Deposit at Mobile."

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OK, the new USAA android app now its not working, called support and he had no idea, after confronting his teleprompt answer he just gave up.


The android app i ssupposed to work with  2.3 or later, it no longer works, tried everything !!


The new app is so bloated with stuff is crazy, can someone look at the code so it shows on the APP Store and loads on all versios ?


I have been using the app since it came out and now it wont load, or show.


NOTE: I was told on hte phone to get a new device, thats a stupid answer, seriously !

I dont think USAA expects all users get a new device or edit their system file in android to use their app.