Is there a limit on the number and the Amount of checks that can be deposited electronical?


@Porge4, That's a great question. There is a daily limit placed on mobile deposits. You can find your daily deposit limit for Deposit@mobile by logging on the app. Once logged on select the "Deposit" icon at the bottom. The next screen will show the limit. I hope this helps. - Ben

@USAA  -   I don't think you really answered the question.  You may have answered what the daily $ limit is by doing as instructed but you didn't say if there was a limit on the number of checks you could deposit (some banks do have a limit regardless of the dollar amounts).  

@NSueZ, Thank you for pursuing our reply a bit further. I have found that there is no limit on the number of deposits made into an account. Our members would only have to adhere to their individual unique daily dollar limits.  I hope that satisfies the inquiry fully. ~ Suzy (= 

@NSueZ, I will also be forwarding your feedback for review. Thank you. ~ Suzy