I'm thoroughly disgusted with the way I've been treated over the last few years by USAA in respect to credit.  EVERY request for a credit line increase for my single USAA credit card with a measly $1,300 credit limit has been rejected, and they've never willingly raised it since I received it years ago.  I just applied for a USAA military-affiliated American Express card with an excellent credit score over 800, a 1% credit utilization ratio, and no late payments in 10 years and was rejected.  I've been a loyal USAA member for over 15 years with no late payments on my credit card or my insurance, and this is the treatment I receive for that loyalty.  I think the time has come to move my direct deposit and my savings to Navy Federal, as they trust their customers and are generous with credit to those like me who have excellent credit.  I have a car loan and personal loan with Navy Federal, as well as two (count 'em, two!) credit card accounts.  Each of those credit card accounts have $25,000 credit limits (!), while stingy USAA will not go beyond a single account with an apparent set-in-stone credit limit of $1,300.  USAA started out well but has seriously deteriorated over the years and will need to start seriously trusting its loyal customers before it loses them all.


@bmaninbama, this certainly is not the way we want you to feel. I understand your concerns and know how important your credit is. For security and privacy purposes we are unable to discuss account detail information via social media specific to your request for credit, however you may contact us via chat to review the factors associated to the decision of your request. There are several factors reviewed to determine the application decision. The decision is based on information provided by the credit reporting agency, such as credit score, credit utilization, length of time accounts have been established, and the number of open credit accounts, just to name a few, as well as income information. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you.

I have a current banking issue with USAA which is the subject of another post in this member forum. I will point out here that the answer given by USAA is, like other answers in this forum, a "canned" response which is what you will get if you go to the chat line for both the chat and telephone contacts are routed to a "call center" staffed with people who, like in this forum, give "canned" answers. I think it takes a lot of nerve to tell a customer to "chat" as an answer to a request for personal service. Clearly, personal service is not the goal, but just a subject for lip service from USAA. People do not want to "chat" about their money!

The mamagement of this company spends huge money on TV and radio ads (and internet presence) which essentially look like ads from State Farm or Allstate, yet USAA does not have the same customer base as those companies. The same ad dollars are spent by USAA as the other companies, but the potential customer numbers are much less than the other companies. This makes sense only if you consider who benefits from this expenditure-management! Sombody has to sit in those stadium skyboxes. I don't know, maybe some execs' brother-in-law owns the ad agency.  

Best to just totally leave USAA.  USAA is not the company it once was.  Stuart Parker is in the process of destroying it.  He is trying to fool new customers with the ads.  I know what USAA used to be and today's USAA is not even a mere shadow of what it used to be.  Stuart Parker needs to resign.

Hi bmaninbama,

Don’t feel bad. It happens to a lot of people. I started my daughter with USAA when she was added to my auto policy about eight years ago. Even made her open a savings/checking account and MC. Eventually, the same thing happened to her. They converted her student MC to a Visa in early 2016 (when she started graduate school) and it went downhill from there. In her case, she ended up with a $300 credit limit after having the card for five years. They wouldn't entertain any kind of increase even with a good credit score and payment history. I took her to NFCU (been with them since the 70s) with same financial information, and they started her with $2500. That same day, she moved her savings/checking over to show how much she appreciated their trust/commitment to her. They increased the credit limit three years later. She still has the USAA Visa, but froze it over three years ago after getting her NFCU card. Interestingly, the USAA card expired back in early 2018 and she hasn't received one letter or email from them informing her on the card’s status.  In defense of USAA--they make financial decisions based on what they believe will be advantageous to their members. Often, that effort contradicts with some of the decisions they make when it comes to providing certain services (i.e., credit cards, mortgages, car loans, etc.). You just have to decide what you think will financially benefit you and your family. Don't be afraid to make your move if you feel you're not getting the services/support you expect. They will try to discourage you from closing anything--by keeping you on the phone, questioning your motives, telling you  you’re making a serious mistake (foolish in my case)—all to make you give up. I know because it took me 1hr, 10min just to close my credit card. When I tried to end their conversation with a thank you—I wasn’t allowed to do that because they quickly hung up the phone on me. I also wasn’t given a verbal confirmation that my account had been closed. Unprofessional to say the least. That was all the motivation I needed to drive down to USAA Bank the next day and completely terminate my financial business with them.  Now, NFCU has my MC, VSA and AMEX, 3 direct deposits, savings/checking, certificates, money market, etc. while investments are with Vanguard.  Choice is good. You just need to make it happen. Good Luck.