Victory Capital has poor customer service and their site is problematic.  I got fed up last week and rolled all 3 of my kids 529 plans to Vanguard.  Problem solved.

@TampaMike, I am sorry to hear about the poor service experienced with Victory Capital. This is not the type of experience we want for our members. Your feedback is being forwarded to the appropriate team for review. Thank you. - Rhonda 

Me, too. My funds are now at Schwab as of a couple of weeks ago.


My VCM experience also consisted of:


- Never being able to get through on the phone

- Being locked out of twice for a couple of weeks, unable to access my account, with no explanation 

- Poor website experience - sitting there waiting for that silly animation to finish


I've never experienced a worse corporate acquisition, and I lived through United buying Continental Airlines and Marriott buying Starwood. 


Shame on USAA for transferring all that business to an entity that was clearly not ready to handle it.

@David Go, I regret to hear about your experience. Your feedback will be sent to the appropriate team for review. Thank you. - Rhonda