USAA Banking Services has been experiencing major disruptions since yesterday, but they are yet to notify customers.  I've been trying to transfer funds to an internal account for the last two days, waited on hold for 3.5 hrs, and spoken with 7 different employees.  Closing all my accounts and moving to Navy Federal. 


@Sadd, I regret your disappointment. We certainly don't want to lose your business. I've located your USAA membership and forwarded your information to the appropriate area for further handling. - Ben

Yepper, I'm getting pretty much the same song & dance routine too.  Probably will be moving my accounts as well. 


USAA sure ain't what it used to be.

Smart move leaving USAA.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.

We haven't closed accounts because we run a small charity in Honduras and need to be able to make debit and credit card transactions down there to fund it.  However, we've withdrawn the vast majority of money we had in our various USAA accounts for many years (I'm a 37 year member), and also switched over to GEICO for insurance and received better rates. Note that Ally Bank offers 10 times a better rate on savings than USAA: 0.5% versus .05%, and I don't think they are pretending to be social justice warriors and endorsing black lives matter as USAA does; I prefer a bank for banking, not as a platform for angry political activistism.


3.5 hours on-hold isn't bad for USAA! Did you have to listen to that awful USAA! jingle?