I called to make sure that the final amount I owed USAA was indeed final. I paid it off in full and then discovered that I over paid due to a discrepancy I found. Agent and i decide to open up new renters policy due to some recent break ins near our neighborhood with the intention that the over payment will be accredited to new renters policy and should pay it off in full. Well after 4 hrs on wait and 4 days varuious agents and Manager Shawn C. said "that due to the agents error in explanation of the way the refund would NOT be accredited back to me nor will it got to pay off the renters policy in full" so now I had to cancell the renters policy and am out my over payment "refund/credit" due to the misinformation i was given by the USAA represntative.  


Thank you @Jay619 for sharing your experience with us this afternoon.  I am sorry to hear that you didn't have a great experience when you had called in to acquire a Renter's policy.  We truly appreciate your membership and patience as your situation is reviewed by the appropriate team.  Once it is viewed, the appropriate team may reach out to you for additional information.  ~ Marco

I am a bit unsure what was overpaid - if it was insurance you should get a refund back.  File a complaint with BBB.