Mishandling of fraud case

I joined USAA in 1974 as a brand-new Army 2nd lieutenant and have always valued my membership...until today.  A month ago, my son and his wife, who have a USAA Bank account, were defrauded of tens of thousands of dollars by a criminal who posed as a mortgage company and intercepted their wire transfer for a down payment on their first home.  They have worked and worked with USAA Bank's fraud department since then in hopes of getting answers.  Two weeks ago, they had resigned themselves to the possibility that the money was gone forever.  Then, in phone conversations with three separate USAA Bank employees last week, they were told that the money would be reimbursed.  They were overjoyed.  Then just this week, they were contacted by a personal assistant to the CEO who informed them that USAA could do nothing for them.   She also told them that the other employees had lied to them.  

If this is the way USAA treats my children, then I'm not sure I want to be a part of them any more.  What has happened to this company?

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I hope for a positive outcome. Some years ago, my checking account was debited for about $550 (small potatoes in comparison) by someone in Texas (Walmart and a restaurant, I don't recall the name); I currently reside on the East coast. What was odd, someone presented a card while conducting the transactions. I was notified of a possible fraud. My card was deactivated. And, the funds were reimbursed, while an investigation was being conducted. I did not hear from USAA about the results of the investigation. So after a few months later, I gave USAA a call. After waiting for a bit (15-20 minutes), I was informed that the case was closed. My concern was that the reimbursement was subject to the outcome of the investigation. The overall outcome met my expectations. But, the follow through could use some work.   

@G-11, thank you for sharing your experience and feedback with us. We have improved our process and documentation is sent to the member with updates on the outcome of any dispute investigation. Thank you. - Rhonda 

We are truly sorry for the difficult issue your son and his wife have gone through. We would like to look further into the concerns your mentioned as well as the inaccurate expectations you indicated were shared with your son. Please send a Private Message with your son's full name, contact phone#, and/or email so we can locate his profile.