I've seen a couple requests for 2016 milpay charts, but the answers have all been the actual military pay dates. Does this mean USAA will no longer be depositing the military checks earlier (as they have in the past)?


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Military pay calendar.png

Is this chart still accurate? I have seen other charts that show EOM pay for October being November 1st with pay deposited October 31st. When I called and talked to a rep on the phone they couldn't even find a chart at all. 

Hey ThatGirl88, The chart that my colleague previous replied was from 2015. You can find the updated chart by going here:  http://bit.ly/1lKhsrD. It will be located under Military Payday FAQs. Thank you. - Ben 

Will military pay be deposited on the 28th of December or on 31st of December 2018.

Hello @mrsplwalkerWe strive to provide funds one day prior to the actual pay day, which is dependent on the funds being received. It would be best to monitor your account on these dates for the deposit. -Colleen

The link Ben gave in October is the same.

January 1st is a Sunday making the military payday Friday the 30th. Does this mean USAA is releasing funds on the 29th?

Smilin,  we post funds early if we have received the direct deposit notice. If we do not receive this, we have no way of knowing what amount your direct deposit would be and would post on your payday, after it is received. This really depends on when DFAS sends us the direct deposit notification. Hope this helps, Jen

As the paydate is on a Saturday, the paydate would be that Friday. Your chart isn't clear on when pay will be available. It's frustrating to wonder when funds will post and make preplanning more difficult. Navy federal has a precise chart with accommodations for week md pay dates (i.e., their funds are available 12/29/16 and their chart says that). No confusion. I hope USAA will take notice and make some changes.

AMember1 - I will certainly share your feedback with the appropriate area. Thanks for taking the time to provide your suggestions. -  Tricia