Does anyone know if the military paycheck will be deposited today? It says it does on the pay chart but have yet to see the funds in our account. Thank you


Money is in there today.
So I check my account today at 6 am my direct deposit have no hit yet. So I checked again at 7 am still nothing it is now 8:30 and still nothing everyone else with navy federal has been paid already that I talked to and half the people with usaa got paid on time I'm just wondering what's going on with my money.
Same here... It's been hit or miss for months on whether or not USAA will pay a day early.

Hey guys!


I did double check with our bank and we have not seen an incidents with delays of pay. If you are still missing your deposit, please give us a call at 1-800-531-USAA (8722) so that we may be able to review the account in more details.


Thank you.

Did call and rep could not give a valid reason why deposit was not there.

Dear jj3,

I have sent your comment to a banking representative so that they may look into why you are not seeing your paycheck. Thank you.