I'm not sure how to word this perfectly so it's understood.


I retired from the military and am enrolled in TriCare. I am getting ready to retire from Federal (OPM) Civilian service and will continue my FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefits) after retirement.


Medicare is the confusing part. Do I need to enroll for medical coverage. What part of Medicare do I need?  Medically I think I'm covered. Is it in my best interest to pay for another medical monthly premium? 


Thank you, Justin


Yes you should get tricare (prime if you are near a military base).  Tricare is very inexpensive compared to your Federal Health Care insurance.  I pay about $55/month and that covers my wife and kids.  Co-payments for them is low too.  I am retired military and also retired civil service and have had tricare since 2013.  It is absolutely the best way to go.