On September 22 I went online to get signs for my yard. Right after I made the order I changed my mind due to the fact my friend had bought signs from another place. I tried to call the merchant it went straight into voicemail I tried to email the merchant nothing was sent back to me. I called USAA and disputed the charge. As always they credited my account and said they would handle it. On 18 October I get another letter from USAA stating they are returning the money back to the merchant on October 22 due to the fact I did not submit extra information. This has never happened before. I called USAA and explained I never received a letter from them and what information was it they needed? Was the merchant disputing the reverse? The merchant was not disputing the reverse they just wanted this information. I sent on the information and called for them to assure me they were not going to remove money from my account for a product I never received. Customer service would only say we have your information. Today October 22 one month later they deduct the money from my account and re-paid the merchant. I am furious. They have just repaid a scam artist with my money saying that merchants have rights to. As a merchant I understand that however at no time did they try to contact the merchant at no time did the merchant contact them within the month and yet they decided on their own without contacting me that they would just repay them and so they did. I just got off the phone where the customer service was telling me that it would take up to possibly 48 hours possibly longer for their team to decide whether or not I get my money back. I was also told that I received the same letter electronically on my USAA and yet I’m looking right at my USAA and telling her I never received a letter where I was called a liar. I asked to talk to somebody else possibly as a manager obviously that’s not an option for me. But the team can go in my bank account and take out money it was not due to anyone. I have been with this company 30 years my son all my family have fought overseas for this country and have been a part of USAA I make investments I’ve got my car insurance my home insurance my savings account everything with this company and yet now I can’t trust them to do the right thing and stand behind their members.
Furious in NY


@alli, we are sadden to read your post and of your experience. I will certainly have this matter reviewed and appreciate you taking time to let us know.