Wouldn't it be nice if the memos we write when transfering funds to another account showed up when going thru transactions? I have a "Bills" account and I transfer my bill money to it and I always write what it is for like "Car, Insurance,Best Buy,etc." and sometimes I forget what an amount is for and I open it up and the memo is not there. I have to go to the transfers tab and look for it. It would be so much more convenient if it was included in there. I can't be the only one. Please make this happen USAA. My small local Credit Union even has this.


@Lyds_13, Sound like a great idea! I am forwarding your feedback now. Take care and stay safe.  ~Tom

WE'VE BEEN ASKING FOR THIS FOR YEARS. I want to know when the memos will be visible older than 3 months! If this simple thing doesnt get fixed Im going to leave banking with you. DONT DELETE memos after 3 months.

I know this is something that a lot of members are asking for, and I have submitted your feedback regarding this request to the business team that handles the Funds Transfer process, @SeattleRN. I'd hate to see you leave due to this, but at this time, I don't have an ETA or any updates on when, or if, the memo line will be provided after the 90 days. - Cathleen