Why does USAA make your member number available on-line, as well as your full account number when in the USAA site? You have no reason to need your member number while in the site, so why make it available? As for your account number, you already see what type of account number it is & unless you have more than one of the account types, you really have no reason to see your account number. Why don't they just have the last 4 numbers of your account listed like credit card companies do?


I need to look up my member number online all the time when I'm setting up ACH payments and direct deposit. Not sure why you're complaining about an extra functionaltiy. Or are you worried that someone looking at your screen could see  your account number?

I guess after being a member so long, I know what my member number is. I take the time to memorize numbers such as that, my health insurance numbers, my drivers license number & Social Security number (although I couldn't tell you any other phone number than my own & my son's - he's my Emergency Contact). As for security protection, that is exactly what I'm worried about. That's why I think they should list only the last 4 numbers as they do with credit card numbers. USAA already tells us not to be putting out this information anywhere on our devices, so this is contrary to what they extoll. I know USAA is confident in their computer firewall- but if you read their security reports, there are at least 2 attempts by hackers to get into the system every month. Someday someone will be successful, as they were with Target a year ago this past Christmas. That's exactly why I don't want my numbers available in their entirety.

If someone were to hack USAA it wouldn't matter whether or not your member/account numbers were displayed on the screen--they'd still have access to it.

Dear Catmom,

Thank you for your questions and your feedback. I am asking the experts here at USAA to weigh in on your inquiry and will update when I have an answer.


I am not as organized as you and have to look up my member number quite frequently like JessieM! I think you have a good idea to memorize important numbers!! :)


Thanks again for posting!

Oh dear lord no,


If they get rid of the usaa member number from the USAA website, I wouldn't know what to do... I'll have to take that USAA member number and engrave on a key chain or a dog tag necklace for just in case.... 

Did you post a message on your states D.O.T website blog about this? They have your social and DL #. What about your doctor's office? They are by far the most vulnerable. Alex jones says to put three extra layers of tin foil on your hat and order a CyberCode Token and don't give out you account number on Facebook.
No, I didn't post this to any other website. Please give me the exact website you went to so I can have that information removed ASAP. The D.O. T just doesn't do it. I need to know which state, or is U.S., that you are talking about. Also, is it a .org or .com or .gov you are talking about? I'm really upset about this & will be contacting USAA to see how that information was leaked. Very unhappy.

Dear Catmom,

I can assure you USAA does not provide the Department of Transportation any of your personal information.Thank you.

I can't find that information anywhere on the Department Of Transportstion Blog website for my state. Were you using the Public Records feature (which isn't linking today for some strange reason)? If so, I imagine they have the same information about you & you too should be upset. So, do you know if that is true for every state? Or were you using a U.S,.gov site? I still want to see if that information is true & if so, contact them to remove any data on me & recommend that they not give out that information on anyone. That's a perfect way for illegals, ex-cons & scammers to use your information to create Social Security Cards & drivers licenses to create a fake identity. Please let me know where exactly you are referring to. Thank you.

Thank you, everyone, for your comments.