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As a 30+ yr member, I've become increasingly disappointed with the support I've received over the past ~5 yrs and worsening now over the past ~2yrs.  


In short, today after a full hour on the phone and speaking to no less than 7 agents on a BillPay q/problem, I was passed from dept to dept after inadvertently dropping out of a hold I was put on by Victoria ****..I think based on what another agent told me.  Victoria was agent 3 in today's process).  There evidently is no way to route one back to a particular agent.  Regardless, the frustration points are:  I had to verify with the phone auto-sys, and each agent I spoke with which seems excessive given tech capability these days; it took 7 agents, one of which couldn't see my profile to verify me; the last agent did not see any of the previous agents having had contact with me nor were any notes added by them apparently; my q/problem goes unresolved.  And, the survey that was offered at the beginning of the call and which I accepted to participate in never happened.  


Service in general has deteriorated in my experience at USAA to a point where we need to consider other options for banking/etc services.  They can't seem to get some of the basics right in our view.  



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@HeavyHaulerCC, I would absolutely be frustrated too. This is never the experience you should have. I am forwarding your concerns now to be reviewed by a bank specialist. Thank you for reaching out and letting us know.  ~Tom