My wife's employer provides our medical coverage which includes an HSA.  She turns 65 in July and will continue working for the next few years.  It is our understanding she will be enrolled automatically in Medicare Part A on her birthday, which is fine since our health coverage is through her employment.  But there is a question if we can keep and contribute to her HSA once Medicare signs her up.  Her employer adds a percentage to her monthly withdrawls to her HSA and we don't want to loose that additional infusion of money, nor the pretax savings toward medical.


As she will not be signing up for any additional Medicare until she retires, how do we make sure we can keep the HSA?  


Once someone is eligible for Medicare, they become an ineligible person for HSA contributions.  Check out the IRS publication on HSAs - it is pretty clear.  There are penalties for overcontributing to an HSA.

WARNING ! ! !  


There is NO automatic enrollment in Medicare. 


You must actively follow the ienrollment steps at the Medicare government website. 


Been there, done that. 


I have been researching this lately and here are notes:
Medicare’s general annual enrollment is from 1/1 - 3/31 each year.
If you don’t sign up during your initial window it can cost you more each year for life (10% for each year you wait)
If work for a company with at least 20 employees you can stay on their plan for as long as you like with no Part B penalty.
You can just sign up for Part A to get established since it is cost-free unless your plan is an HSA.
If you keep the company plan and then leave the job you have a special 8-month window to enroll.


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