I have played around with the USAA budget tools a little bit and I am intrigued. They seem comparable to EveryDollar and Mint, without the cost or hassle since I do my banking at USAA.

One thing I like about EveryDollar is that they force manual categorization of all transactions. I like being able to tell which ones my wife or I have approved, so to speak. Is there and way to set up a rule in USAA's checking register to PREVENT automatic categorization of new transactions? Alternatively, is there a way to "sign off" transactions so that I can tell which ones I've already reviewed/approved? There used to be several years ago, but they removed that long ago.


Hi there EvonS!


Welcome to the Community! I have sent your question over to our MyBudget expert. Once I have a response, I will post here for you. Thanks!

Hi Evon S,

Our my budget expert weighed in on your questions.


At this time we do not have plans to turn off the auto categorization of transactions but this is an intriguing request which we will consider and appreciate you bringing to our attention.


The ability to “reconcile” each transaction so that members know when they have reviewed a transaction is on our list of enhancements we are working on. However, we have no specific timetable for delivering this capability.


Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback!!