Manage External Accounts

The function allowing me to manage my external accounts has moved and is hard to find. After much searching on the community conversations, I discovered where these are now. (Under Bill Pay, which is dumb.) Using your top bar search function, by the way, was not helpful in the least in this regard.


Having added an external account but seeing no "temporary deposits" arrive in such account, I tried again to add the external account. Now USAA gives me an error stating, "A verification processing error has occurred. At this time this account can only be used to pay bills." I don't want to pay bills with that external account. I want to transfer money to and from it. 


I called USAA. The wait time is now 2 hours and 36 minutes.


USAA: Maybe it's time to rethink your recent web redesign. You could simply revert back to how the site looked previously. You've clearly angered tons of your customers (many have posted to this community to say they are leaving), and your redesign is a disaster causing huge numbers of people to call your customer support.


Admit you've screwed up royally, apologize, and do the right thing: Revert the site. In the meantime, how do I fix my issue?

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@mauka, Sorry it has been such a hassle. Please try this to add the account. Click on the +Products at the top of the website and then Banking in the dropdown. If you look down into the area that is a bit grey, there is a spot that says Manage Payment and Transfer Accounts. You can go there and on the right side there is "Add An Account". Hope this helps. I am also forwarding your concerns now to the appropriate area for review. Thank you for reaching out today. ~Tom