How long does it usually take for a mailed deposit to show up online in the account? I mailed it in 8 days ago tomorrow. Just getting a little nervous because it was a decent sum of money!


Thanks in Advance :)


Hi hp3424,

Thanks for posting. Deposit timelines can be found on page 24(of 54) in this document.


I am sorry I cannot be more specific there are factors in including the length of your membership, the amount the check was written for, etc. You will find all the conditions in the document above. If you are still concerned i encourage you to give us a call at 1-800-531-8722 and we can have a specialist look into it! Thank you!

For comparison, when I mail in a check for deposit to my checking account it is almost always posted in 3 business days. 2 of those days are postal transit time, so USAA usually gets it posted the day they recieve it. Occasionally it will take 4 days, not including weekends and holidays. I would give them a call, it is entirely possible it got lost on the way.


If you qualify, I woud recommend using the deposit@home or deposit@mobile in the future. For me, these deposit options are instantaneous and there is no hold.