MOBILE APP and other stuff

Seems there is lots of issues with USAA right now and until they can get their act back together I would not recommend them. We have been with them since the 1990's when they opened up to enlisted.
Their mobile app just keeps getting worse and worse - took me over an hour to deposit some checks on it because it kept saying it couldn't read the back or front even though I had good lighting, black background and great internet (I could of drove to the bank in that time and deposited them).  Never had so many issues taking a picture for this before.
Now they are refusing to pay for something at our home that was damaged by a drunk driver when we have given them all the information needed at least THREE times (claim keeps getting closed or just disappearing off their site), to include a police report, all because the guy told them a lie and gave them different information (he has USAA also). They said we needed pictures of the guy driving the vehicle (it was 3 a.m. who has a phone in their hand at that time of the morning - we awoke to a crash and went outside in our pajamas), even though we SAW the guy and the cop verified it was his car - they are saying we can not PROVE he was DRIVING the car. I always thought it was the CAR that was insured not the person driving it!!!!  We have never had an issue with our claims until now and we haven't had that MANY....
Their bill pay is definitely behind the times, but has always at least worked.  NOW I get kicked out in the middle of working in bill pay and have to start all over..... FIX THIS ISSUE. I have called many times to complain about this.
Our insurance keeps INCREASING no matter what!!!!
I don't know what has happened to this bank but if it's any indication as to the future with them. I believe we will be changing banks, unfortunately.
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Shop around.  USAA can easily be beaten on everything they offer.  You will save money and experience way better customer service.

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns. I am sorry you've had difficulty with the mobile app. We never want our members to be frustrated when doing business with us. I am forwarding your feedback to the appropriate team to further address these issues. Thank you. ~Crystal