I am trying to set up the account with Victory Capital.  I am told that I have to activate MFA on USAA.com to set up that account.  Why on earth do I have to activate that on USAA.com when those accounts are moving elsewhere?  I do not want MFA on my USAA account, and it seems absurd that I have to do that just so I can set up an account on a different site. If I must have it on Victory, fine, but making me activate it on USAA.com just so I can create an account on Victory is nonsensical.


And then, when I tried to email a representative to ask, the "send a message" function was broken and put me in an endless loop of "can't send the message until you fix this" and I would fix it, and get the same message.


Tried to set up VC login. Page says I need MFA with USAA.  I set up MFA on USAA page.  Go back to set up VC info.  Nope ... need USAA MFA. Back to USAA.  I am in a loop .... Very annoying

@Thank you for sharing your experience and for your patience as we assist you. We have shared your concerns with the right team and they will send a Member Message Response to address your post. -Meredith

Solved.  Logged on to USAA website the next day.  Reentered already existing authentication information on USAA page.  Signed out of USAA.  Immediately signed back in.  I guess logging out and then immediately back in did the trick.  Up popped a page that told me my investments needed attention with a link.  Followed that link to VC.  2.5 pages of privacy notice, 5 pages of terms of use, 13 pages of online agreement terms of use, and one confirmation phone call later .... done

@dekel, that's great to hear! I am glad the issue was resolved. Tricia