No response.  CSR don't you have a reply?

Oviously not deep enough. The whole organization has forgotten their roots. I am leaving and taking my money with me. Totally dissatisfied with the whole "corporate attitude". If I wanted a big bank I wiould look at Bank of America or some other corporate banks.

@Sandy Sanborn, I regret to hear of your dissatisfaction. We value your membership and certainly do not want to lose you. Your feedback is very important to us. Is there anything in particular we may assist you with?

All you have to do is look at the title of the USAA Reps replying to members -  USAA "Social Service", give me a break. Are they also certified to replace police in defunded police cities? USAA is a joke.

Yes, well - he is a Lt. Col. and my son is only a Airman First Class, Air National Guard...

That is pathetic, the criteria for credit is so messed up. 

@Attwentyyearmember, Something similar happened to my daughter back in 2017. Had been with USAA banking for over 30yrs. They even cut her credit limit down to $300. That's when I decided to deepsix the loyalty thing and move every financial product I had with USAA out and do more business with NFCU (had been with them for about 37yrs at that time. My daughter received much better treatment and respect during the process. Am I upset at USAA? I was at the time, but they made a business decision. That business decision opened my eyes and gave me the right motivation to go elsewhere. I really have to thank them for that, because they allowed me to find something that met our needs/requirements.
Wow! Thank you for sharing this information.