Very disappointed here, and sad too I suppose. Rather than write a book here I will give the highlights but direct from "Executive Level Support" (escalated member support), where the below items used to tip the scales in a member's favor - it no longer matters at all.


My 23 year old son was turned down for a personal loan to pay off his USAA car loan so he could build credit and own his car outright. It was for $2,800! Here are his qualifications and some of ours:

- He is active duty Air Force

- College Grad

- Solid job


- He has $11,000+ in a USAA checking account that has been building for a year

- He has a 3 year old USAA car loan for $6,500 that he has never missed a payment on

- Been USAA member with own checking and savings for over 10 years

- His parents have Auto (4 cars), Life, Home, Umbrella, personal rider insurance and loan products

- His parents have had 3 fully paid auto loans, a home equity loan, and a personal loan with USAA all paid in full

- His parents have been members for 22 years

- His grandparents have been members for 50+ years and have all their insurance and banking with USAA


Yet my son does not qualify for a $2,800 loan because "he does not have a long enough credit history".


My comment to the rep was that loyalty used to matter and since I can get cheaper products elsewhere, loyalty will no longer hold me to USAA. I'm out. 

So unfortunately folks if you were sticking around because occasionally you needed the scales tipped in your favor, give up on that thought. It just doesn't count any more.


@TwentyYearMember, I understand that you have concerns about your son's personal loan application. We appreciate your family's loyalty, and we'd hate to think this matter would be a deciding factor in your continued relationship with USAA. I'm elevating your concerns. Please allow some time for a thorough review of the situation. ~DC

Well one month is gone. Disappointed at the attempt of DC to elevate my concern. Disappointed but no longer surprised. At the suggestion of one of the comments I am going to take a look at NFCU.

Write the CEO.  His office does a great job of correcting mistakes.  They corrected a problem that was created when one of my autos was incorrectely reported as being in an accident.  It was a mess that that they corrected.

Lt Col Stein


You have had a vastly different experience than me in terms of contacting the CEO's office. After being told I would receive a response but didn't, I had phone contact with a minion in his office named Jeff who, at the start, told me there is no requirement that the CEO's office respond to member's concerns. Eventually he told me he would deign to look into my issue and call me back....this was sometime in July and I'm still waiting. I suspect you are one of the few who's had a favorable experience going that route- I'm a 36-year member and see this venerable company becoming feckless and toxic under the overtly "woke" and partisan leadership of the new CEO, the only CEO in USAA history to have had no military experience or service.

Why is he even there! NO military experience he should have never been hired. Sorry. 

Seriously? How can he lead a company to serve Veterans when he not one? What does he know about this special group of people. We are not just “business”. We are the group that secures his rights.

Hello @Julie flower. USAA’s Board of Directors and Executive Management Group includes a vast array of leaders with deep military and industry experience, both of which are valuable to ensuring USAA continues to take great care of military families while meeting changing member needs. Wayne has more than 30 years of experience at USAA and has led key areas across the enterprise, from overseeing contact centers to serving as the president of the P&C Insurance Group. The different roles have given him a deep connection to our mission and serving the needs of military families and employees. -Colleen

The only thing Wayne is interested is in Wayne and this year's upcoming bonus.  Last year's bonus was over $800,000.00.  Is it going to be a $1,000,000.00 or more this year?  He certainly wasn't interested in me when I left for a 53% reduction in my auto insurance premium (yearly) and then another 22% reduction when the yearly policy renewed.  The coverage is better and the customer service is better.  Why isn't Wayne working to return USAA to the company that had untouchable auto insurance rates and exemplary customer service?  I am waiting for a response.  But I'm sure all I will receive is a canned response.