Member for over 25 years.  Used to be proud of the customer service.  There have been a few bumps along the way, but the last few years customer service has been atrocious.  Most recently, I had to cancel a hotel stay that was booked through a third party site. The cancelation confirmation says in plain type that I will get a refund in USD and the company's name brand will show up on my credit card statement.  Never got the refund, so I disputed my credit card charge with USAA after the company refused to refund the money.  USAA will not reverse the charge becuase the company says it is non refundable.  USAA just tells me I got bad information from the company.  I am not sure how an email confirmation is considered bad information.  I have been waiting on a call back from the dispute department since September 3, an entire month.  I have spoken with the executive resolution department (and even managers in that department twice) and they tell me that they aren't familiar with the dispute process but they have regulations that they have to follow, and that small claims court is my best bet.  I really thought the purchase protection on a credit card was to help keep things out of court.  I am so fed up by the lack of customer service.  We have all of our auto insurance, home insurance, several bank accounts, and a credit cardwith USAA. We have been avoiding the hassle of changing all of them over, but I think this might have pushed us over the edge.  I am ready to say goodbye to USAA.


@So tired, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us regarding a dispute you submitted on your account. I can see why you would be frustrated and I am sorry to hear this may be the reason you leave USAA. We never want to see our members leave especially after 25 years. Your membership is important to us and I will be forwarding your concerns to the appropriate team for further review. Thank you. - Rhonda 

I'm leaving USAA after 60 years. I'm advising all my friends and relatives to leave also. Lost all trust in USAA. The bank closed my checking account with no notice, then lie to me when I call. I'm out over $65 now from auto-pay customers whose payments bounced. Social Security can't get my auto-pay set up with my new bank until December. I received one email from a Michael last Friday, sent just before he left for the weekend. Been trying since to call him, all I get is a recording. 

Hello @bob93389

I have reviewed your message and will forward to the appropriate area to review your concerns. 


Please know, there are certain required documents that are necessary to be signed and returned to us within a certain period of time upon opening a new account. If those required documents are not received by the deadline requirements, the account is subject to close. This goes for any banking institutions to follow banking regulations. 


Thank you. ~ Lori C


I received a call from a USAA dispute department manager Monday afternoon.  He once again gave the song and dance of their hands are tied, blah, blah, blah.  After his call, I emailed the vendor I was disputing the charge with.  I was eventually sent to tier2 customer service.  They asked for copies of the email/text where I was promised a refund, you know...the exact same stuff I gave you for my dispute.  Tier2 customer service looked at it and I was notified today by the vendor that they will be issuing me a refund.  I really wish I had fought a little harder with the vendor instead of wasting 3 months of my time thinking that USAA would fight for me.  Once again, thanks for nothing.  My resolve to rid myself of all things USAA is even greater now.

I objected to USAA declaring its unrestrained support for Black Lives Matter, and I'm still waiting for a call back from Jeff in the CEO's office going back to early August- he was going to review my concerns I get right back to me. USAA is a far cry from the company of which I first became a member in 1983: back then honor, integrity, exemplary customer service, now leftist "social justice" activism and customer service on par with a shady on-line used auto parts dealer.

Well said ... I joined twenty years before you ... share your outrage ... motivated to get online by TV ad which I just saw showing some moronic pride by USAA sponsoring the unequivocal racist NFL ... would really like to know how this formerly fine company lost its moral and business compass ... 

Mainly it was done by Stuart Parker and now Wayne Peacock.  Just Google USAA CEO compensation and you will see why USAA has deteriorated so much.

To quote Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain."  


I was extremely satisfied with USAA - until they sold off their investments to the highest bidder!  


Currently, instead of going to one place (USAA),  USAA Members now have to follow their money to either Charles Schwab Brokerage or Victory Capital.  ***In my case, USAA sent it to both!  


Why?  Because USAA is more worried about their own interest that that of their Members.


Currently, I transferred my kids 529 Account, Coverdale Savings Account, my Roth IRA, my wifes Roth IRA, and my many USAA Mutual Funds out of Victory Capital and into Charles Schwab Brokerage (where by the way USAA dropped my stocks and my wifes SEP IRA).  


I still do not know who the heck Victory Capital is!!  Why would I give my money to someone that I do not know? 


I believe in not complaining unless you have a solution, which is take your investments out of Victory Capital and at least give it to a company that I have heard of because USAA does not want them.


I loved USAA, but I will not blindly follow their advice for the sake of their bottom line and convenience.


@Navy Ret Frmr USMC, I know your feeling about the sell-off of their investment business to third party companies. It's hasn't been as smooth as USAA preached it to everyone. USAA has been selling themselves to third party companies the moment Mr. Parker came into the picture as the CEO about 5+yrs ago. It started with their mortgage business and it went from there. They outsourced their insurance appraisal mission to Allcat. Their investment business was just a matter of time. Fortunately, I moved out all our family investments/IRAs back in 2017. High cost ratios and low returns were the norm so it was time for a change. Moved everything to Vanguard and my daughter went with Fidelity. We've been very satisfied with the new arrangement. I think USAA left many of its members out to sort it out for themselves when they sold off to Victory Capital and Schwab. Went these companies put up the kind of money they did to aquire USAA's investment business, you can't expect big returns or inexpensive services to help manage those investments. Just Google "Victory Capital and USAA Investment acquisition" and you'll find some interesting articles about Victory Capital and the debts they incurred by acquiring various companies.