Hello everyone, I hope this finds you well and in good health. I’m in my early thirties and beginning to shift gears and look more thoroughly at my plans for my financial future. I feel very blessed to be in a position to do so. However, life is life and should the winds change I’d like to have a modest safety net. One thing I’ve determined is that generating a passive income is important to me. Ideally, one that scales with appreciation. I’m looking at REIT’s as a possible way to invest *heavily* in my financial future today for the sake of tomorrow’s uncertainty. I’m wondering what others a.) think about REIT’s and b.) what other measures has anyone taken to balance out risks by supplementing REIT’s or similar with less volatile interest earners? Thanks in advance!


@EllieMae802, we certainly appreciate your post and the great questions.  We will certainly will ensure the appropriate area will review your concerns. ~JM

I am unfamiliar with REIT's, however I would advise not using usaa for any investment advice or scheme.

usaa does not care about customer service or its members financial health. Search the cummunity and see how many long time members are moving all their assests away from usaa. 

I had IRA's and a inheritance under usaa's management. I moved the IRA's and 2 things happened. Each performed better in one year with a different financial institute than they had in over 10 years of usaa management.

However, when I moved them, usaa botched up the IRS filing triggering an audit and intital finding that I owed the IRS big money. I was able to prove to the IRS that I didn't owe any back taxes and that usaa had screwed up the documentation. The IRA agreed and the issue was resolved. usaa did nothing, they didn't and wouldn't provide any suport for their error, and when it was all done, they never acknoweldged that they were the direct cause.

Get your money out of usaa.

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