Looking for more detailed retirement advice/help

I have used the simplified and the less simplified retirement calculators on the USAA website and found them both to be lacking with the limitations they have on input values. I called the USAA financial advisors one day specifically asking for advice with regards to retirement estimate calculations I have done (cash flow, savings, estimated spending, assets) looking for someone to double check my work and make sure I am not missing something obvious. After about 30 minutes into the call I was disappointed to realize that the adviser was simply using the same less simplified retirement calculator I have access to myself. When we pressed for more detailed advice we basically got back that we were asking for more than they could provide.


What would you recommend I do in my situation? Where should I go to get someone to double check MY calculations and estimates? Do such services even exist out there in the financial world?


I ysette,

I have esclated your comments to see if we have some advice that will be more helpful to you! Thank you for posting and stay tuned for an update!


Thank you!