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After 26 years with USAA, I give up. In the first 16 years, I frequently called and sent letters and emails thanking the management for the excellent customer service. In the last 5-7 years the service is so inept, it's hard to comprehend. Today, the first representative I spoke with could not help me with a problem for setting up a youth account online. The website stated that they were having a problem and were "looking into it." I asked for a second representative. He transferred me to a Member Resolutions Team member. She came on the line after 11 minutes and accidentally disconnected me. That call was a total of 19 minutes. Next call was 29 minutes with another Member Resolutions Team member. She kept telling me, "I understand" but never offered to help (or have someone else help) with the initial problem. Next call was 16 minutes with a receptionist. I asked her for the name and address of the CEO so I could send a letter explaining why, after 26 years, I'm changing banks. She put me on hold for 16 minutes and . . . you guesses it, disconnected me. She never came back on the call; it just ended after 16 minutes. Must have been lunch time. Next call was 13 minutes with another receptionist who also said she could not find the info and did not know who the CEO was. I Googled it and will be sending a letter soon. Does anyone recommend a bank with decent customer service?
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I have had similar experiences with USAA as of late.

@David Smith, while I regret to read that you have had a negative experience, I would want to know the details so I can get your issue reviewed. You can send a private message here if you like. We would like the opportunity to understand more. Thank you. ~Suzy


You can send us a PM by:

1. Select the drop down menu next to your name at the top right of the screen

2. Click the envelope icon in the same drop down.

3. Select “Send New Message” 

3. If you have a service related question or concern, please select recipient as USAA Social Service (we will make sure your message gets to the right place!)

Hi Suzy,


If you are truly eager to help @David Smith with a problem he hasn't explained yet, why is no one eager to help me with a simple problem I've explained to six people? A youth spending account.


Since Wednesday (48 hours), the USAA "apply now" page says, "System Error We've encountered a problem. We are looking into it. Please try again later, or for immediate assistance contact us."


How come no one is contacting me to explain what the problem and attempt to fix it?

@Nickname28, I reviewed your post and we sent it to the appropriate team to complete a review of the situation. We don't want for you to feel unacknowledged. The service you stated in your post is not what we would want for you to experience. In order to address all members concerns, we collect the issues and get them to the right area to investigate. I have trust in our intent to resolve your issue. We would ask for your patience while we review your comments. Thank you. ~ Suzy

When trust and respect is extinguished---! So sorry this was inflicted on you by USAA...All the best to you and yours--

Hello @Nickname28. I'm sorry to hear of this experience you had when calling in. I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

Thank you, Sarah. I noticed a couple typos in my post and FYI, although there is an "edit" option, it does not allow editing. I think the initial problem I called about is an extremely simply fix, but the person I spoke with was so rigidly disinterested in actually understanding the problem that she cut me off and kept asking for the same unrelated info, rather than contacting your IT department. You can't train, teach, or help someone like that. But honestly, while USAA provides some valuable products, the time spent on phone calls trying to reason with untrained and sometimes rude and insulting USAA employees (SOME are still great, btw!) causes me to almost never call anymore. I just don't have the time or the stomach for it. In this case I had to. The result? My problem is still not solved and, per usual, I've heard multiple people tell me "I understand" and promise to look into it. THE PROBLEM? No one in your management will listen to the RECORDED PHONE CALLS in an effort to actually understand and then get back to the customer and say, "Yikes! NOW we REALLY understand how we've been treating our customers." My opinion? (and gads of former USAA customers agree), no one at USAA who can actually make changes actually cares. Prove me wrong and I'll post it here that USAA is actually trying to recover. But for now, without exaggeration, I have dozens of experiences and reasons for finding another online bank. USAA used to be amazing.

@nickname28 - You have summed up USAA perfectly.