Long Delay for International Wire Transfer; USAA Where Are You?!

Tim Maloney

I had an international wire transfer sent to me from Italy 2 Jan 2019. So far this has taken 11 working days and has not yet

arrived in my account. 


The same thing happened last month and the funds were "stuck" in USAA's correspondent bank Bank of NY Mellon 

wire office. 


Another international wire transfer sent to me from Italy for a different amount 7 Jan 2019 arrived in three working days. 

All of the wire transfer documents are correct and BOTH wires were the same. 


I have spoken to many people in the USAA "Wire Resolution Team" and the supervisor Nicole is supposed to call 

USAA's correspondent bank Bank of NY Mellon wire office to find out what happened to my international wire transfer

sent to me from Italy 2 Jan 2019. 


I spoke to Rudy from USAA's customer care on 27 Dec and he explained what happened last month; Rudy if you are out

there, the same thing happened this month and it has taken EVEN LONGER to be resolved. Because it isn't. 


I am very, very disappointed with USAA's customer care and the way this is being handled by the  USAA

"Wire Resolution Team" and  USAA's correspondent bank Bank of NY Mellon wire office. 


Please find out where my international wire transfer sent to me from Italy 2 Jan 2019 has ended up and 

get it into my account. 


Thanks in advance for your help


Tim Maloney


@Tim Maloney, I am sorry for the time frame of the wire transfer. If you could please call our International Wire Dept 800-531-8722, they are the ones that can research this. Thank you   ~Tom

Hi Tom: Thanks for the reply. I called USAA International Wire Dept 

on 16 Jan 19. I spoke to the supervisor Nicole @ 15:00 CST.

As always she was very helpful and professional. In fact, the 

people on th USAA WRT, Nicole, Valeria and Joanne, that I have worked

with have been nothing but completely professional and have always 

offered the level of customer care one expects as a USAA customer. 


She put me on hold and called your correspondent bank NY Mellon

and spoke to Scott in BONY-Mellon's wire dept. She told me that Scott explained

"(my) wire transfer was stuck in BONY-Mellon's wire system.

They have a new system, so incoming wires get stuck" 


Nicole told me that Scott found my wire and would personally make sure it

was forwarded to my USAA account that day, 16 Jan 19. 


However as of 17 Jan 19, no sign of any funds. I spoke to Valerie today

and she is working on contacting BONY-Mellon's wire dept. Sad to say 

that the USAA people are completely let down by the correspondent bank

BONY-Mellon's wire dept, that makes them look unprofessional!


Hopefully this issue will get resolved after 12 working days. 



Tim Maloney


Thanks, Tim. We have just had THE most FRUSTRATING series of phone calls from New Zealand to USAA to try to set up an international wire transfer. We have been with USAA for 47 years, and have never had problems like this before. We hope that you get your money soon. We hope that someone at USAA will address these problems soon, for all our sakes!!

@Kiwi Winner,  We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I will be glad to forward your feedback to the appropriate area for review. It is always our goal for you to have the very best service and it is gut wrenching to hear that you are not. Thank you. ~Suzy

I have had exactly the same problem with a wire transfer that I receive annually from a publisher in the UK.

This has occurred smoothly for 9 of the last 10 years, but it has hit a snag again this year.  


The publisher sent it on 21 January with an expected 2 to 5 business day transaction time.  It has now been 10 business days in the UK (9 in the US) with no sign of the incoming transfer.


I called Nicole at the International Wire Transfer desk, and she told me that she could not help me and could NOT check with BoNY/Mellon to see if the funds were "stuck" there.   


This is quite different from the service I received from USAA 3 years ago when the wire transfer hit a snag.  At that time, the USAA Wire Transfer service deak was able to look at the wire transfer that came to BoNY/Mellon and then to USAA only to be sent back due to missing my account number (even though it had my name).


This time, Nicole was either unwilling or unable to look at the traffic with BoNY/Mellon and said that my only recourse was to inquire with the sender.  The sender has been unresponsive so far (not USAA's fault for this part), but I received much less assistance and information from USAA than I did in the previous snafu.  

Update on my Int'l wire transfer snafu:

The sending institution confirmed with me that they had the correct details for sending to USAA to my account (following the instructions on the USAA website).   

USAA STILL SENT IT BACK!  As with the last time, USAA made no attempt to ask me or notify me to verify whether I was expecting a transfer or not.  THEY JUST SENT IT BACK!

Hello @ToxEditor, I am very sorry to hear of this situation. If you have additional questions regarding this wire please call us at 800-531-8722. Thanks! -Colleen

I used Transferwire to transfer money to my wife in Brazil.  The fee was $19.  I requested the transfer Saturday afternoon and the money was in the account in Brazil Monday afternoon.

Hello All,


I read your posts and have my experience to add.  Before I get into it, I wanted to thank you all for your informative posts and providing additional context and background to this frustrating issue. 


I've had simular expereinces not with one but three Internal Wire Transfers.  I work in the Middle-East and am copensated via monthly wire transfers and have had good success for nearly 5 years.  Unfortunately, since the beginning of December, I've expereinced trama receiving IW's.  As with most, USAA representatives are coutious and supportive of the situation, but it seems there is a larger issue that isn't being addressed.  Additionally, after reviewing this blog, to me, New York Bank of Mellow has a known issue USAA isn't working to resolve.


I can admit my personal money management could use some work but this issue caused a large ripple effect for me personally during the Christmas season as well as currently.  I've fallen behind in bills, encoured late fees and it has put pressure on me with little empathy from USAA.  The direction I receive is to have the wire originating bank execute a trace.  From the onset the IW originating bank identified the problem was with NYBM but USAA seems to refuse this to be the case.  I seem to have caused problems within my own company I work for continually requesting support from their bank.  So much so the organization refuses to respond to my current requests for support.  


Now, I have made the decision to have my monthly compensation wires routed through a different institution that receives IW's directly and doesn't use an intermediary insitution.  This should solve this issue for me.


My recommendation to USAA is figureout how to receive IW's directly or switch subcontracted IW institutions as the problem is larger than you know.


Thank you for your attention and your postes once again!


Very Kindly,


Peter H.


**For your privacy, this post has been edited.