You guys are a joke. I applied for a truck loan a year ago and you were 15% higher than the dealer.. now I just applied for a personal loan.. and was denied because I am at 30% of my limit on my credit card WITH you guys.. never been late,in fact I have paid off the balance IN FULL each month. Thanks for saying you take care of and help vets. I will be going elsewhere.


Sorry you found USAA rates uncompetitive and that you were declined a personal loan. It is also very disappointing to read you feel USAA doesn't care about vets, that's certainly not how they want you to feel.


You case will be sent to a Subject Matter Expert, what is affectionally known as the "black hole," for further review. Please be patient as USAA researches your case. Even sunlight can not escape a black hole, so it may take some time for your case to be reviewed. "Some time" can last anywhere from 3-4 business days to eternity. Do not expect a more precise definition or timeline as it will not be provided.


Also, if you are fortunately enough to a call from "Office of the CEO," please do not confuse this with the office of Mr. Stuart Parker, USAA's CEO. These two offices are completely unrelated. In anticipation of your final question, no, you can not speak with Mr. Parker. He neither cares about your problem nor keeping your business.


Please keep us posted on how your concerns are handled. I wish you better results than a vast majority of other members in the USAA Community forum, also know as "former USAA members" received. 

Hi Darben, RunDontWalk is accurate in his description below as to what will occur. I actually just spoke with the Office of the CEO and brought this fact up that USAA depost and loan rates blow! Now let me preface this by saying that I, like yourself have a great credit profile. I have a credit score well north of 800 and have zero credit card debt, however I got a car loan rate quote over two percentage points higher than a local military credit union. USAA has no human oversight on these or if they do, they do not care enough about giving the best to the member to actually review and make changes. I made this suggestion to the CEO office person and she took it down, but I highly doubt she, or anyone else in that office have enough power to do anything.


The second issue Darben is that they truly don't care if you go somewhere else. Not in a we don't want to have you as a member way, but as a succession to the fact that they don't have competitive products in any arena. Their lip service of we regularly review rates to remain competitive is as empty as a water canteen in the desert. 


In closing, I only use USAA for the integration capabilities of keeping track of all my accounts, inside and outside in one place. It is super convenient and of all the financial institutions I have used who have this capability, I like USAA set up the best. But, I used to have Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, Brokerage and IRA accounts, Auto and Condo insurance. I now only have the first three with them. It is clear from their absurdly high auto insurance rates, to lack of payout on the subscriber accounts on the back end that padding their bottom line is what they care about more. They also have no problem handing out double digit bonuses and having concerts for their workers, while paying the paltry rates that they do. 


The decision you have to make is what is most beneficial to you and your situation. That is what should guide you, not loyalty to some bank that isn't loyal to you. Banks are in it for the profit and USAA has shown itself no different and that is where I think a lot of USAA members go wrong. They are not your grandpas USAA, they are a money making machine, so if you take your money elsewhere, it's not going to hurt a company who is clearing billions of dollars in profit.