Haven’t used USAA in years because they simply weren’t competitive anymore. I used to have them for auto, home, and life insurance as well as home mortgage. I figured I’d kick the tires on them again and secured a boat loan. I made a few payments and then decided to pay the loan in its entirety, roughly 7400 dollars. The amount never drafted out of my account and after a week I called, the gentleman said all was well and it should come out of my account in the next few days. The following Monday (today) I check and the amount has reappeared on my app with added interest. I call USAA and they tell me I had it draft out of an old account that was closed. It sounded like my error so I went back to my app to pay it and found that not to be true. My app only has one account to pay out of, which is the correct account. So I call back and long story short I got stuck with the added interest as there was “nothing” they could do about it. So this will likely be my last foray into using USAA. They aren’t competitive and they now aren’t accountable. I got stuck with the added interest for their mistake. Goodbye USAA.


@douglasc, thank you for sharing your concerns. I'm sorry to hear of the issues you experienced with your loan. I will have your information forwarded to the appropriate area for further review. We appreciate your membership and the opportunity to address your concerns. Tricia

Good move to leave USAA.  I don't understand why anyone would ever go back to them.