As anybody knows who's familiar with what happens after you've bern wounded by the enemy such that there is a period from when you are medically retired and when start getting pension money. In my case it was four months. I had enough money in regular savings to get me by the first couple months. All my other savings went into my Army thrift savings which I can't touch until I turn 60 which is still another 7 years away. So to get by as I am 100% disabled I've been buying and reselling/selling on eBay. I've run into a problem over funds with PayPal who is eBay and is how you transfer funds a few times over the past few months. USAA has refunded overdrafts caused by PayPal attempting to take money from my bank account instead of my PayPal account as they should. At least until now. I have one week left to go before the money coming in from my pensions finally puts me in the black but PayPal has screwed up again. Even though this is the last time I would ask for the NSF fee to be refunded USAA won't refund the NSF fee anymore. Even though each time it was caused by PayPal. PayPal says they're very sorry and they will see if they can cover the cost of these two NSF fees they caused and will get back to me in 48 - 72 hours. So here I am with no money for the next week because of this mess. You can bet that once I go into the black starting November 1st that I will have as little to do with either of them as possible and have my future financial transactions handled by some other entity.


just call usaa and ask to speak to customer care. explain it to her, be persistent with them they are there to reSolve your issues .

Forgotten Wounded,

 I can only imagine how frustrated you are given the circumstances. We want to make sure that we have one of our contacts in the bank review your situation to see if there's something USAA can do. If you don't mind providing a few additional details, by clicking here,  we can have one of our team members review your account.