Has anyone been able to get a loan of any sort through usaa after filing a ch.7 .after 5years in bankruptcy. I tried 2 years after discharge they denied me for a lian based on derogatory mark of ch.7. So i want to know has any changes have been made. The loan officer says he couldnt share info with me based on what affect bankruptcy has on getting a loan. Only that many factors determines approval. Now we all know that many factors goes in detail with all banks. There are some after bankruptcy will give you a auto loan the same day of discharge and others want. 


Your Chap 7 Bankruptcy will stay on all three credit bureaus for ten years.  If it's been two years, then at the very least take $250 for a USAA CD and obain a secured American Express credit card from USAA.  Once the card is approved (rather quickly) , you will be able to see your free credit score on the USAA dashboard and watch it rise.   


I have some additional USAA experience I can share.  Just let me know.