USAA you are the biggest liars and untrained people I have ever seen. I was told I would have my money from a USAA account transferred back to my checking by the closing of the day (Friday) and it never happen. I called the next morning and the a_tells me my money will not arrive in my account until Tuesday or Wednesday. Three different Reps or Agents whatever they call themselves told three different lies about my money. I'm removing everything as of today. When these a_ _ _ _ want their money they take it from you right then and there. Now that I want my money I have to wait on their bull. The managers also acted as if it was their first day on the job. All the apologies don't mean bull that's protocol to say that lie to the customer, I don't want to hear that I want my f_ _ _ _ _ _ money in my checking. This is by far the worst bank I've ever been a member of in my 45 years. The biggest mistake I made is when I left the Credit Union and join this H_ _ _ hole of a bank.


I can certainly understand how frustrating this situation would be for you, Me. Thomas. I've requested a Subject Matter Expert to look into this for you and follow up. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed. - Cathleen