Letter(s) From "National Financial Services, LLC"

Today I received 4 letters from "National Financial Services, LLC".  In the address line to me they references "USAA Federal Savings Bank Traditional IRA" in my name.  They then claim that they tried to contact me through teh e-mail address I have on file with USAA but the e-mail was returned undeliverable.  This is suspect becasue that e-mail address is good and is in active use.


The letter goes on to mention that "there is information availabel specific to the security identified below...."


But no security/stock is identified.


They then provide a LONG url to some sub-directory of a website https://www.ftportfolio.com


This is all VERY sketchy and I am not inclined to go to the website unless I have some level of confirmation that this is truly associated with my USAA investments.


I am also interested to understand how this organization got my e-mail address from USAA.


Anyone else get such letters?