Let's hear it for USAA's IT department!

So I tried to add an external transfer account.  You *used to* be able to do this on line, but now for some reason USAA requires a signed form (which can be faxed in, and is no more secure than an on line submission).  I sent in the form.  USAA tells me to go on line to verify temporary deposits made to my external account.  I do that, and the site says I have to be "fully authenticated" (whatever that may mean!) and locks up.  I call USAA.  Takes me about 10 minutes and three tries to get around the automated voice recognition system which has *never* responded correctly to a request in the years I have attempted to use it.  When I said "verify transfer account" it took me to a funds transfer, and started a transfer I had not requested.  Pressing "0" repeatedly did not help, nor did the voice command "agent".  Call in again.  "Agent" worked from the main menu, but there's a 20 minute wait.

Eventually USAA called me back and their agent was unable to complete my request, getting the same inscrutable "needs to be fully authenticated"  message I got.  Total elapsed time more than an hour.   I asked for the problem to be fixed, and for the IT department to call me.   Neither has happened, as I expected.


I don't think USAA wants to stay in the banking business any more than it wanted to stay in the brokerage business. 


I will probably get a call from the "Executive Office" after I post this.  Hint to whoever is monitoring this stream: Don't bother. They listen attentively, promise a response, and then never call back.  They are also never at the number they provide during the original oh-so-sympathetic call.  Don't patronize me!  Fix the problem or let me know why it can't be fixed.  In writing.  You have my postal address and e-mail address.  All the information you need to do that is in this message.


I'm waiting.

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