Does USAA spending millions of advertising dollars affect the interest rates they offer? Ally, CTI and other banks are offering 1% or more. USAA is way less (.03 on select savings). Abysmal.


USAA is at 0.1% for anything under $5,000 in savings which is the same as Bank of America and several others.  I too expect more since others are paying more.  Last check at Ally was 0.99% for the same small savings accounts.  Make sure when you check rates that you are checking the same type account and same amounts as they will differ.  For instance a regular savings with USAA at $10,000 runs 0.3%.  Not sure why anyone would keep that much at that rate with all the other options out there for a LOT more but that is their business.

I wonder the same thing.   Why such poor rates in comparison to other online Banks?  Why can't USAA do what Pen Fed does?    I believe it's USAA's cash cow, relying on people who trust USAA to be fair and then lose money to savings, checking and CD  rates.   I saw the same thing with investments - highers expense ratios and fees and actually very hard to even tell what the total expense of my managed portfolio was. 


Oh well, still a great company and happy to be here, but the  poor interest rates and higher investment fees means that I'm going elsewhere for my investments.