Leaving USAA for Navy Federal

I’m abandoning USAA banking, investments, and insurance 01MAY2023 if the application is not updated with users concerns. As an online only bank, I would be quite embarrassed if I was a USAA CEO. The 2022 application is a clear “We DON’T listen to members” message. Like my comment and call USAA today to tell them you’re leaving too if Mr. Peacock and Mr. Vincent do not address the app issues.
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I, too, am giving serious thought to leaving USAA. It isn't what it used to be when I joined in, as I recall, in 1989. Customer service used to be the BEST, but I won't say that today.

I try and avoid using apps. So, it is hard for me to relate. But, that seems to reflect the theme about USAA that has been going on, for the past few years. I have been a member of NFCU since 1984. I have no complaints. If the organization offered insurance, I probably would not have considered USAA in 1993. Nonetheless, it has been a good run. I guess all things must come to an end. That is how I knew that it was time for me to retire. Things had changed so much from the Navy that I had known. Some things remain the same, and some things change. It is a matter of how we deal with the changes (challenges): improvise, adapt, and overcome.