Large Settlement Headed My Way, Not Sure What to Do

I think I may have a general guess as to the answer of this question, but I received notice I'll be on the receiving end of a large cash payout from a class-action lawsuit. The amount is more than I've ever had at one time by far and I have no clue of what to do with it. 


1.  I want to mitigate my taxes I'll have to pay on the sum.

2. I plan to use a large chunk of it for a down payment on a home.

3. I also plan to use part to help fund my own business while I'm headed into military retirement.


If anyone could help or point me in a direction to get answers to these trivial question for an average income kind of guy, that would be great.


Thanks in advance.



Thanks for reaching out in community. Definitely a lot to think about in regards to your settlement. I have requested a colleague reach out to review your options and address your questions and concerns. Our financial advisers are here to help. Thank you again for your inquiry.