@DOMD, I certainly understand your concerns about communication.  I have forwarded your experience to a Subject Matter Expert to help review as well as answer any additional questions you may have.  Thank you for reaching out to us and I appreciate your patience as it is reviewed.  ~Marco

A day late and many dollars short.

DOMD, definitely think you should transfer it all out. Any of the big three will do, just depends what you are looking for. Vanguard is the only one I know of structured to be owned by the members, so all the profits go back into the funds that are owned by the members. (Not to shareholders, families or CEOs pockets). Best of luck.

I agree fully to USAA being shameful...

I chatted with a rep regarding their practices and I believer the chat was with a robot. 

Very unconcerning and put the blame on me for not noting their end of November notification.

@rwroofer, I can certainly understand your concerns with your recent interaction.  I'd like to have a Subject Matter Expert reach out and help clarify any concerns and questions you may still have.  Thank you for membership and patience as I forward your situation to the appropriate team.  ~ Marco

what happened to cause the large drop in world growth fund?

I am forwarding your question @rwroofer to a representative from this area. We appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area.  ~ Joseph

I have the same question re the value fund. It was up just over 21% for the year and today it lost over 20% of its value! It dropped $4.40 per share in one day! What the heck happened today?

Even if the fund price rises I will be selling my 'fund' and buy Vanguard funds with the total withdrawal.

USAA did the investor a terrible service, taxwise...in my opinion.

What is going on?  I can't find any news articles that explain why the USAA International fund dropped almost 20% in one day.  On top of that the USAA Small Cap Stock Fund (USCAX) dropped almos 9% in one day and again no news can be found.


I've even looked for news about the holdings in these funds and found no earth shatter news about any of them.  This kind of drastic move usually has a trigger event and assocaited chatter on media sites.  I've found nothing and it is quite upsetting.  If something triggered this OK I would get it.  We all know there are risk investing in funds, but utter silence?  This seems strange.


Please Anybody have an answer?