Lackluster Support for Personal Financial Responsibility

I don't know if anyone else tries to keep meticulous details with their finances.  I may be a bit OCD but the military taught me to keep records of everything. This has been driving me crazy. USAA keeps pushing for customers to do paperless but you make it hard to do that. You'd think that a professional organization like USAA would make things easier, but they make half-assed agreements with third party services that you don't find out about, or can't discover the lack luster performace until you purchase it.  


I purchased a subscription to Quicken because it's supposed to help keep track of personal finances. Though they have their issues too, the main issues I list below are a combination of both parties.  I've spoke to both Quicken and USAA about some of these features in the past and they both blame each other.  I really don't care who's fault it is I just want it fixed.


Following list is issues I have:


1) I can only view the past 90's in the presented "Expandable" format to see information regarding transactions. I should be able to see my whole history in the expandable format. Even searches are limited to the past 18 months in this format


2) When exporting data, CSV is the only option, instead of other options that allow many of your customers to track our personal finances.  Yet you work with Quicken software to download into Quicken.


3) However, when downloading into Quicken, you only allow 90 days instead of my whole account history. Do you know how hard and time consuming it is to manually enter my transactions because the Quicken doesn't allow import of CSV Files from USAA?


4) When I do export a CSV Format, it's missing data. When I download the data I want all of the data, not just what YOU deem is appropriate. For example, you only provide the "Posted Date" in the CSV data. I want the date it "posted" and the date in which it was "Authorized" That's a bit important because when I reconcile my purchases it doesn't list "Posted Date on my receipts.


4a) When I log on to my account it is listed by date when it's posted.  I don't care when it's posted. I care when I authorized it because as I alluded to above, the receipt I have has the authorized date, not the posted date.  If you want to include the posted date, great that is important, but not an accurate date pertaining when the transaction itself was made.  


Sorry for my soapbox. Does anyone else have issues like this?


Thank you for sharing your concerns with us today @ArmyMatt22. For issues with Quicken please call our website support team at 877-632-3002. I will also share your feedback regarding the experience. Please let me know if you have any other questions. -Emily 



You're not getting my point from my original post.  I have talked to USAA's support team.  I've also talked to Quicken's support team.  Both keep punting the football to each other.  So I refuse to waste my time again by calling sitting on the phone for an hour, listening to terrible music and recorded messages, only to be told that it's "the other guys fault".

I appreciate the feedback on this, @ArmyMatt22, and can certainly understand the frustration this has created for you. I will forward your replies to our team that handles this area for use in developing solutions to the issues you mentioned. I can tell you that only the posted information would be available for download, as the authorization dates are not considered as completed transactions and are only listed as "pending" transactions. - Cathleen

To Army Matt22, USAA's IT Dept should sit down with the Quicken techs to iron out these issues, but as you can see from the response, they continue to punt the ball to someone else. I too use Quicken, but decided not to go with the subscription option. Many of the reasons you've already stated. I'm still using the 2016 version and enter many of my transactions manually without syncing anything to the outside world except maybe my investments. I know that might be too inconvenient for others, but at least I have access to all my data/info from the early 90s. I seriously doubt USAA will go out of their way to engage the Quicken folks on these issues. They recently took away a budgeting feature from members without giving them an alternative. You'd think they would take out 0.1% of what they spend advertising with the NFL/NBA and donations to social activist groups to resolve this for their members--that would really make their members happy.


Yes, I have issues like this. I have moved most of my money out of USAA bank because they decided to remove options for me to easily download and track my financial data using the program I purchased. I won't be forced to use a company like Quicken, who's business model is "buy a new version because we are turning off features". Generally, I only get hosed by a company or person once. I will monitor USAA for a few more months, but unless the slide in service stops, I'll exclusively use banks and credit unions that listen to customers and do not take away long provided and useful funtions with zero explaination or warning.  As you read through the comments here, note the length of time departing customers have been with USAA (over 21 years here, but I've seen over 50 year folks). Once upon a time, they were unsurpassed in service and products, not to mention apolitical. No more.

I applaud your rant.

Mainer2 - We do offer download of transactions in CSV format, which is useable in many financial tools. If you need assistance, please call our technical team at 877-632-3002 and say "technical support" at the prompt. Thanks, Jason

To Jason, Mainer2 was just reiterating what ArmyMatt22's was saying. Don't know if you you read para 2, 3 and 4 of ArmyMatt22's post from yesterday. 🤔

@USAF_Ret, Thanks for being part of this conversation. Creating a budget and maintaining one is like a work of art. I am jumping in to say I get why this is a topic of frustration. I want to assure you that we are hearing this feedback loud and clear. I hope we find solutions and flexible systems so regardless of what format you use to budget, it can be done. We always appreciate the feedback. ~Suzy



No offense but promises, empathy and ensurance are falling on deaf ears when we see constant issues being addressed with all words and no actions.