I used to be proud to have them for all my banking and insurance needs. Now, they have turned into the Corporate world I have no respect for. I have been with them 15 years. I have 2 trucks fully insured with them but pulled my other two from them. I live in NC and where I live the nearest "ATM" is 4 hours away. Since USAA pulled all their ATM machines from Eastern NC, I have been forced to buy a money order to deposit my cash into the back. (This has been over a year doing this) I use the same place to purchase the money order every week. This week they suddenly put a hold on it. I have had no issues with maintaining my bank account. The deposit was $500. they held $300. my truck payment is $350. Money will be due 2.14.2020 - My truck payment was due and now will be late. I have never been late on my truck payment. 


With that being said, USAA has changed. They are NOT who they used to be and I dont like the direction they are headed in. I have decided to leave. I found a local bank who IS trustsworthy!


Hello @HOPE4DOGS and we are sorry to hear of this experience you had with us. We understand the deposit hold can be frustrating. Per the USAA Depository Agreement, any deposits that are made into an account using Deposit@Home or Deposit@Mobile are subject to a hold. When using the Deposit@Mobile feature, there is a notice that advises you of a hold. We use holds to protect our members, it gives us time to confirm that the funds are collected. For future transactions, you can make deposits without a hold by using direct deposit, cash advances or wire transfers. These options allow us to confirm the funds are collected instantly.  I have located you in our system and will be forwarding your details to a subject matter for further review. ~Sarah 

Just curious but why on earth would one NOT have a local acct with whom to conduct cash business?  When one links a local acct to their USAA acct, one is able to have the best of both worlds.  please note:  USAA is a Credit Union not a bank.  They have major differences from your average mega-bank or even smaller local banks. Most HUGE savings over a traditional bank.   Actual banks rip off their victims (sorry customers) and are in the business of selling OTHER peoples money and KEEPING almost all of the profits. (high loan interest vs. very low return rates for depositors)  I predict that you personally are trading a slight increase in convenience for a much larger increase in hidden fees/charges and a reduction in services.

Disclaimer: I do not work for USAA but I am bug fan.  The insurance dept is second to none!  I Hope you will change your mind.  

@SAHD retired, Thank you for your membership. It is great to see that you are enjoying your banking experience. We appreciate the conversations and hope to continue to serve our members for years to come. ~ Suzy

I have "Read your agreement" on speed dial to the forum.

Your post states that USAA was good to you for 15 years and then suddenly uprooted ATM’s which have disrupted your pattern of survival.  I apologize for your inconvenience. I’ve been was a member for six years and I have too have experienced change, but USAA did inform me prior to the changes by email and written correspondence. Although my life was extremely busy, I eventually read the prior notices and took steps to position myself in the community as needed.   In closing, I hope you enjoy years of uninterrupted financial success with the financial institution you currently frequent.  Thanks for sharing your frustration because it has helped me to always keep up to date with corespondents from the wonderful financial institution servicing me now.



I am afraid I now share your opinion. USAA has become another bank/insurance company, barely discernable from a for profit company. They appear to operate as a for profit, negleting members. I have been a member for over 45 years. loyal to a fault. 


It is the small things like voice memus that no longer allow you to talk directly to a representative without wasting time with inane menus. Not being able to send a secure email without having to go first to Ask USAA which, as an AI system, is far from intelligent. Fire the CIO please! 


Tonight's request was simple, let them know I am going to use my credit card overseas. instead of a simple secure email I have to spend over 30 minutes to accomplish my intent.  What a reduction in service!! 


USAA needs to do a deep examination of their changes. As a long time member I am more than willing for the cooperative's cost to go up if it means that the legendary, but now past, service level returns. 


When is the next AGM - I am willing to come to San Antonio to talk directly to the CEO. 

Goodness @oldnavy, I regret to hear of the concerns you have with USAA. I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area for review. Once reviewed they will contact you, we do appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily 

@oldnavy:   If you use their online banking services, you can easily set up travel notifications in just a few minutes. I used this on my last trip to Singapore.


Go into your checking or credit card account (whichever one you want to report will be used overseas), and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. You'll see a set of options similar to this:









Manage Travel Notifications walks you through notifying USAA quickly and easily. No need to call at all.


Hope this helps!