Kudos to USAA for the new EMV (aka 'Chip and PIN') Credit Card

I just wanted to say 'thanks' to USAA yet again for the new EMV credit card I received in the mail today. My old card was expiring this month and I was pleasantly surprised to see my replacement card is chipped! Thanks for continuing to be at the forefront of new technology and leading the way as always. There's many reasons I bank with USAA and this is just another one. Regards, Stuart Row


The chip is better than the strip but in the years I've had the chip the only merchants that have used them are overseas. They are not used in the States. So far, the chip in the U.S. is dead in the water.
It's true EMV hasn't been supported by many merchants in the US historically. But several major merchants (Walmart, Target, Sam's Club) have added support for EMV cards in the wake of the Target breach. You'll see most of the other merchants adopting EMV capable readers as well over the next 12 months as the Card Brands have mandated a liability shift to take effect in October 2015 which will make it financially compelling for all brick and mortar merchant to support it.

The chip is inevitable.  It's a great deal more secure.  Banks are simply dragging their feet because they can, not because they thinks magnetic strips are better.  Would be nice for everyone, if we didn't have to drag them all along into the 21st century.