I have created a spreadsheet that enables me to track all of my financial tranactions for the current month and as many months in the future as I desire.  It is like writing in a checkbook but there is no math involved.  Using this spreadsheet, I won $3,000 in a debt payddown contest last year.  If interested, email me at [personal info removed] and I will send it to you.  Using this, I just caught the cable company increasing my monthly bill without notification - got that cancelled.  Once completed you may have stress as to where needed money will come from but with this you will know how much is needed.


Sure, I would love to see your spreadsheet. [personal info removed]

Thanks for suggesting this. 



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Spreadsheets are really great for a lot of things, I use them a lot.  For personal budgeting and expense tracking I suggest you look a a program like Quicken.